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Family Secrets.

on August 18, 2012

Tip of the day: Okay, I totally got this tip from a child. I think she was eight at the time she shared this very interesting information (that now that I’m a mom comes in very handy!). So let’s say you wrote on something, Plastic Or Glass, with a “Sharpie” and you miss spell the word or realized you labeled it wrong, what are you to do? Well as the little girl told me get a dry erase board marker, color over the “sharpie” writing thoroughly, wait about 5 seconds and then wipe both markers clean. Gone. Bamh. Magic! I was in awe with the little girl wrote on our dry erase board at work then did her magic trick. Now being a mommy it comes in handy when my kids “oops” and get a Sharpie instead of a Crayola marker and color on my table.



Every family, I mean every family, has some kind of family cooking secret, and folks I’m going to share one of ours today with you. I am not 100% sure where my family got this “recipe/idea” but since I can remember we have always used these little suckers to cook.

Basically these are little cubes of flavor, super easy flavor. To make the ones my family makes all your need is the following:

A whole white onion

A whole garlic head

A entire bushel of cilantro

One green bell pepper

Water as needed

What you do: Cut down all the “goods” into small enough pieces to fit inside your blender. Blend them all in the blender, add a small amount of water just enough to make the consistency of that of a smoothie. Using ice cube trays, ones you don’t mind staining, pour the “smoothie” on the trays evenly. We typically then carefully set them inside plastic store bags and then in the freezer just because I always spill it in the freezer, but if you’re more cautious then I, skip that step and freeze the “smoothie” until solid.

We have a specific container that we use to store the “Smoothie Cubes”, just a typical twist top container you can buy at your local Walmart or Target, nothing special.

We used these cubes in just about anything, and the great thing about them is, this is completely customizable. Although then it wouldn’t be my family secret anymore….it’s okay i’ll never tell. What ever are your Go To fresh ingredients you can whip ’em up and make them into easy to use cubes. This also avoids having veggies that you buy and love from spoiling in your fridge and having to use prepackaged items full of preservatives and other not so great goodies. Fresh is best.




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  1. Wow, those look really good!

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