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So It’s been a long time….

on January 30, 2013



Tip of The Day: Is your salt always clumped? Put a few grains of rice in the container to absorb excess moisture.

Sorry for such a delay between posts, my laptop crashed and burned. She is now in Laptop heaven.

Anyways,….These days I’m pretty darn busy. I got an amazing job that I love, even though I sit in a cubicle and talk on the phone all day, I love it! I am planning my little Emily’s second birthday (which makes me sad). I have so much Yo Gabba Gabba on the brain I have been singing the “Dancey Dance” song in the shower (which, may I add, have many versions). Don’t Judge Me!….If your not a parent odds are you have no idea what I’m talking about, and upon watching Yo Gabba Gabba for the first time will be certain that someone high on illegal substances made, BUT with that being said it works charms on a two year old when nothing else seems to work. Check out the Show here.

Other than that, I had a birthday. Yea. I turned 25, and forever more will be 25!
As one of our gifts this year we got a chance to go visit the New Orleans French Quarter. I fell in love with the city. Even looked up some local real estate, and when I become a billionaire I will move in!

Honestly I can say I had an amazing time! No, it wasn’t Mardi Gras, but still just as wild. Our trip consisted of a night drinking on the town followed by a day/night eating all the creole food we could get. We ate at Locally famous Cafe Du Monde, and just thinking about it makes me want one of their amazing breakfasts. I also was pressured into trying my first raw oyster at the also famous Acme Oyster House. Let me tell ya, that was a once, and never again moment, but I did get a cool shirt to show off to all my family that I had my first raw oyster at acme! One of our other stops had me in awe. I was so flippin’ excited to go to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar!!!! It’s the oldest bar in America. Actually it predates America, established in 1772. It was SO amazing being somewhere so old, and all the pictures of celebs that have been there were cool there, though I did not see Brad or JLo, may celebs do swing by. Our bartender told us she met Hilary Swank, apparently not the nicest of people. If you ever do visit this culture powerhouse make a stop at some of these great places. If you have any questions about where to get great drinks, or food feel free to contact me.

Here are a few photos, sorry for the quality. Took them on our phones.

ImagePat O’Briens Piano Bar (Have a Hurricane!)


Community Coffee House! No Starbucks in sight! And my hubby, he didn’t really want to take a picture, can you tell?


The Mighty Mississippi



Cafe Du Monde Breakfast, and my hubby’s hand.


The view from our Hotel. (Inn On St. Peter)




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