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Nothing diet about it.

on March 7, 2013

Getting Dolled up

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Tip of The Day: Planning a party? Check out local parks, state parks or county parks. Typically these are free of cost and can be used year around. Mine was free and I just had to follow a easy list of rules. Best and cheapest way to entertain a bunch of kiddos from all ages!


So you know you have days where a diet cookie or candy just isn’t going to cut it? Today was that day for me. I got up worked out, showered, and dressed for work off we go. Kids in tow….. Then I remember today is a blood drive at work. I’ve never given blood and was so excited to do so. Well little ol’ Diana almost passed out. Oh yes, but I did give a whole pint of blood so it was worth it. Tonight it’s pizza, frozen because mama is beat and cookies also store bought because tonight I’m going to catch up on Bones and do nothing! Yay!


YGG Boom Boxes


Candy “Bar” was a hit!

Last weekend we had my daughter Emily’s second birthday party. I was so flippin’ excited. I planned everything out for her Yo Gabba Gabba themed party at the park, BUT if any of you know Houston and its wonderful weather you would know that the in morning it will be freezing by noon you need the AC on and by 5 pm it could very well be raining cats and dogs. So when I saw the weather was supposed to be thunderstorms my heart broke. Of course how well can we really trust these so called weather experts. I mean really. I turned out to be a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny. I don’t really have any food posting to go with this post today but I do have all the items I made myself on my pintrest boards for you guys to try out, like the adorable YGG animal cracker Boombox, which turned out great!


Birthday Girl


My daddy and Emily.


Our Crew. Ryan, Emily, Hannah, and Alexander. They were excited about the picture can you tell?


Party Time! (Missing one kiddo though)


Emily helping me cut her birthday cake, like a big girl!


My mom, Sister, Emily and me!


Daddy and my sister and me!


My mom, Devin my nephew, Alex (my son), my daddy, and Emily.


Alex enjoying a cookie!


Emily and Titi Janie (my sister) Swinging.


Happy Birthday to you time!


Bring on the cake and cookies says Hannah, my step daughter.


Blow out the candles!




She was all pooped out by the end of the party.

PS – I really love being a mommy. Even if I get stressed out and yell sometimes 😉


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