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So here’s your tip of the day,…..Enjoy cinnamon as much as possible. You would be surprised how good for you it is. Here are some benefits here.


Since my husband is on such a kick for cinnamon we have been added it to anything that won’t taste horrid with it. One of the daily ways he has added cinnamon to his life is to add it in his coffee. Make note we added it in with the coffee grounds before brewing that way the  no worries about stirring in the cinnamon and getting lumps and all that gross stuff.

Then I decided to add a spin on our normal pancakes! I hope you enjoy these as much as my kiddos and Matt did.

            Makes 4 (3-pancake) servings

2 cups   pancake mix

 1 teaspoon  McCormick® Cinnamon, Ground

 2  eggs

 1 cup  milk

 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

 1 teaspoon  McCormick® Pure Vanilla Extract

Stir pancake mix and cinnamon in large bowl until well blended.

Stir in eggs, milk, oil and vanilla just until blended

Cook one to two minutes per side, until lightly browned.

Serve with your favorite syrup and toppings.


Adapted from McCormick’s Vanilla Cinnamon Pancakes.

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The Wait is Over.

Tip of the Day: Want whiter teeth but don’t want to pay a ton? Add Baking soda to your “brushing” routine. Typically what I do is apply my toothpaste as I would, and lightly coat the top of the toothpaste with the powder. Brush as usual. Do this a few time a week until desired “color” is reached. Repeat week, monthly or as often as needed for the upkeep. Tada!


This post is going to be a hard one to write. Mostly because it’s on such a sensitive topic for me. Odds are this is a topic most women are sensitive to as well. So here goes nothing.

My whole life I’ve been a bubbly girl, outgoing in most aspects of life and some would say too “chipper”. Secretly inside I was and still am battling my own demons. Since a young age I was the kid my parents would say “watch what you eat, you need to run more, you need exercise,”….and so on. I was however a very active kid, played outside in a daily basis and eventually joined track in middle school and soccer in high school (not saying I was any good or anything but I did get a workout, to say the least). And yet still a chubby kid. I just grew into thinking ‘I’m just not meant to be skinny.’ Though personally I didn’t think size twelve was that large as I grew up into my body. Which I stayed at for a long time….

Of course life happened. I graduated high school so then starts the weight gain, the long nights of “studying”   and then meeting a guy….and finally, babies.

At first with my son there wasn’t a huge difference of weight but I did change clothing sizes, just one up, I could handle that. Then my second baby, my little girl,…eighteen months later after my first I had her. My body freaked out. The actual large amount of pounds didn’t even come until after the babies were both born.  I have no one but myself to blame honestly. Along with hormonal changes with babies and having to move back in with my mother and well marriage the pounds packed on.

A few weeks ago I stepped on the scale and could not believe what I saw. I stepped off even changed the battery on the scale to double check that the number was right. It didn’t change. Holy crap. Holy crap. HOLY CRAP. How on earth did this happen.

At this point I had been a stay at home mom for almost a year and never really found the need to wear much of anything other than pajamas. I had my ‘Ah-Ha’ moment when I got a call for a job interview and couldn’t find any work clothes that still fit. First I was angry, then terribly sad. Que the tears and clothes throwing. Needless to say I got the job, making it more of a reality check that something needed to be done. All my nice skirts dresses and slacks didn’t fit. Not even close.

I started dieting, and so far have successfully lost fifteen pounds. But if I had to eat one more egg I was going to lose my mind. Doing a carb-free diet was working, but I felt so tired all the time and couldn’t take eating a 90% protein only diet. I decided I needed to try something else. I started doing some research and really checking out what I could do for realistic weight loss and a way to keep it off. I came across an article about Clean Eating. I fell in love.

I started clean eating less than a week ago and already have lost three pounds. No starvation. No weird cravings. Amazing food. My mom (because we live together *sigh*) keeps asking what diet this is, and I just tell her over and over, it isn’t a diet! It’s a lifestyle change. I know I probably do not follow all the rules to  the law or any of that but I try to stick as close as possible as I can.

I think one of the biggest reasons I keep starting diets and never sticking to them is because I’m not holding my self accountable and no one is holding me accountable. I figured I could blog about my journey, my bad days, good days, and new adventures with great natural foods. So mostly, it’s for me to stay on track and get my act right. If anyone even reads this, I welcome any advice, tips, tricks, or constructive criticism.

I’m a girl on a mission. Tired of wearing pajamas, tired of acting like I don’t want to go out just because I can’t find anything to wear. I am putting my foot down.

Hope we can enjoy this journey together! 

PS- I totally had a brownie today! FAIL!….but it was just one small one. Ha. Like I said my good days and bad. One day at a time. 

– Marc Jacobs

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